Source code for oemof.solph.predefined_objectives

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
This module contains predefined objectives that can be used to model
energy systems.

@author: Simon Hilpert (
    import objective_expressions as objexpr
    from . import objective_expressions as objexpr

import pyomo.environ as po
import oemof.solph as solph

from import Bus, ExcessSlack, ShortageSlack
from import transformers as transformer
from import sources as source

[docs]def minimize_cost(self, cost_objects=None, revenue_objects=None): """ Builds objective function that minimises the total costs. Costs included are: opex_var, opex_fix, curtailment_costs (dispatch sources), annualised capex (investment components) Parameters ---------- self : pyomo model instance cost_blocks : array like list containing classes of objects that are included in cost terms of objective function revenue_blocks : array like list containing classes of objects that are included in revenue terms of objective function """ expr = 0 # TODO: Fix naming c_blocks = cost_objects r_blocks = revenue_objects if cost_objects is None: c_blocks = [str(transformer.Simple), str(transformer.TwoInputsOneOutput), str(transformer.VariableEfficiencyCHP), str(transformer.SimpleExtractionCHP), str(transformer.Storage), str(transformer.CHP), str(source.FixedSource), str(source.Commodity)] if revenue_objects is None: r_blocks = [] blocks = [block for block in self.block_data_objects(active=True) if not isinstance(block, solph.optimization_model.OptimizationModel)] for block in blocks: if in c_blocks: if == str(transformer.Storage): ref = 'capacity' expr += objexpr.add_opex_var(self, getattr(self, str(transformer.Storage)), ref='input') else: ref = 'output' # variable costs expr += objexpr.add_opex_var(self, block, ref='output') # fix costs if block != str(source.Commodity): expr += objexpr.add_opex_fix(self, block, ref=ref) # investment costs if block.optimization_options.get('investment', False): expr += objexpr.add_capex(self, block, ref=ref) if hasattr(block, 'z_start'): expr += objexpr.add_startup_costs(self, block) # revenues if in r_blocks: expr += objexpr.add_revenues(self, block, ref='output') # costs for dispatchable sources if hasattr(self, str(source.DispatchSource)): expr += \ objexpr.add_curtailment_costs(self, getattr(self, str(source.DispatchSource))) # artificial costs for excess or shortage if hasattr(self, str(ExcessSlack)): expr += objexpr.add_excess_slack_costs(self, getattr(self, str(ExcessSlack))) if hasattr(self, str(ShortageSlack)): expr += objexpr.add_shortage_slack_costs(self, getattr(self, str(ShortageSlack))) self.objective = po.Objective(expr=expr)