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from . import Transport

[docs]class Simple(Transport): """ Simple Transport connects two busses with a constant efficiency Parameters ---------- eta : float Constant efficiency of the transport. in_max : float Maximum input the transport can handle, in $MW$. out_max : float Maximum output which can possibly be obtained when using the transport, in $MW$. """ optimization_options = {} def __init__(self, **kwargs): # TODO: Add check for what combination of parameters is given and # calculate the missing ones accordingly. Also write down the # relationshiph between the three parameters in the doctstring. super().__init__(**kwargs) self.eta = kwargs.get('eta') self.in_max = kwargs.get('in_max') self.out_max = kwargs.get('out_max') if(self.in_max is None and self.out_max is not None): self.in_max = self.out_max / self.eta if(self.out_max is None and self.in_max is not None): self.out_max = self.in_max * self.eta