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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Fri Sep  5 12:26:40 2014

:module-author: steffen

This module provides a highlevel layer for reading and writing config files.
There must be a file called "config.ini" in the root-folder of the project.
The file has to be of the following structure to be imported correctly.

# this is a comment \n
# the filestructure is like: \n
[netCDF] \n
RootFolder = c://netCDF \n
FilePrefix = cd2- \n
[mySQL] \n
host = localhost \n
user = guest \n
password = root \n
database = znes \n
[SectionName] \n
OptionName = value \n
Option2 = value2 \n

import os.path as path

    import configparser as cp
    # to be compatible with Python2.7
    import ConfigParser as cp

FILENAME = 'config.ini'
FILE = path.join(path.expanduser("~"), '.oemof', FILENAME)

cfg = cp.RawConfigParser()
_loaded = False

[docs]def main(): pass
[docs]def init(): try: global _loaded _loaded = True except: print("configfile not found.")
[docs]def get(section, key): """ returns the value of a given key of a given section of the main config file. :param section: the section. :type section: str. :param key: the key. :type key: str. :returns: the value which will be casted to float, int or boolean. if no cast is successfull, the raw string will be returned. """ if not _loaded: init() try: return cfg.getfloat(section, key) except Exception: try: return cfg.getint(section, key) except: try: return cfg.getboolean(section, key) except: return cfg.get(section, key)
[docs]def set(section, key, value): """ sets a value to a [section] key - pair. if the section doesn't exist yet, it will be created. :param section: the section. :type section: str. :param key: the key. :type key: str. :param value: the value. :type value: float, int, str. """ if not _loaded: init() if not cfg.has_section(section): cfg.add_section(section) cfg.set(section, key, value) with open(FILE, 'w') as configfile: cfg.write(configfile)
if __name__ == "__main__": main()