Open Energy Modelling Framework (oemof)

The Open Energy Modelling Framework (oemof) is a Python toolbox for energy system modelling and optimisation.

The oemof project aims to be a loose organisational frame for tools in the wide field of (energy) system modelling. Every project is managed by their own developer team but we share some developer and design rules to make it easier to understand each other’s tools. All project libraries are free software licenced under the MIT license.

All projects are in different stages of implementation, some even may not have a stable release, but all projects are open to be joined by interested people. We do not belong to a specific institution and everybody is free to join the developer teams and will have the same rights. There is no higher decision level.

oemof community

This repository is also used to organise everything for the oemof community.

  • Webconference dates

  • Real life meetings

  • Website and Mailinglist

  • General communication

You can find recent topics of discussion in the issues.

Real life meetings

The oemof community meets in person on a regular basis. Find the latest information on the next meeting(s) on this wiki page:

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